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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Turnaround educational events in May 2007

Three events are taking place in May 2007 that can be attended to further your professional development in turnaround. 

Business rescue legislation panel discussion on 3 May 2007 at Deloitte

The programme and panelists for the two hour programme are taking shape:

  • Opening remarks by the Chairman Judge Ralph Zulman.
  • Panelists (about 10 minutes each)
    • The business rescue process (commencement, supervisor appointment, business rescue plan publication and approval, critical path, termination) by Jan van der Walt.
    • The supervisor (who is he/she?; need for regulation, admission criteria, exam, etc.) by John Evans.
    • Impact on banks (creditors not appointing the supervisor, shift in decision-making power away from secured creditors, Banks' secured lending base will be eroded, etc.) by Martin Leigh.
    • Impact on the liquidation industry by Hans Klopper.
    • The academic perspective (debtor-friendly company business rescue legislation vs. creditor-friendly present and future insolvency legislation, etc. by David Burdette.  
  • Floor discussion - questions to panelists and open debate.  Keith Braatvedt is the additional panelist to answer legal questions. 
  • Closure by Chairman.

AIPSA conference on the Companies Bill 11 May 2007

This 5-hour programme also covers draft business rescue legislation by Prof. David Burdette.

Programme: Managing a Turnaround 10 - 14 May at Wits Business School

This 5-day programme will teach you all you need to know about turnaround of underperforming and distressed businesses.

Corporate turnaround and rescue strategies workshop 28 - 29 May 2007

The purpose of the two day workshop is to give an overview of current developments in corporate turnaround and restructuring in South Africa and to further develop rescue strategies for organisations facing insolvency.

For complete information, see Turnaround events.

This turnaround news flash was brought to you by CRS Turnaround - turnaround management consulting firm rescuing distressed companies and improving results of underperforming companies in South Africa.


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