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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Corporate renewal, turnaround and business rescue discussion forums

All those interested in corporate renewal, turnaround and business rescue now have the opportunity to view their opinions and enter into debate in public and closed forums.

There are four sets of discussion forums at Turnaround industry in South Africa forums:

  • General corporate renewal, turnaround and business rescue topics.
  • A discussion forum on TMA-SA open to the general public.
  • Closed discussion forums for registered TMA-SA members only. These deal with all the executive functions of TMA-SA and provides the opportunity for members comment on and ask questions about the strategy, management and operations of TMA-SA.  There is also a forum where Exco asks members for opinions and advice.
  • Closed discussion forums for TMA-SA management only.

This turnaround news flash was brought to you by Turnaround Solutions - turnaround management consulting firm rescuing distressed companies and improving results of underperforming companies in South Africa.


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