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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Conference: Managing business transformation

A 2-day conference on managing business transformation will be held 17 - 18 May at the Balalaika Protea Hotel in Sandton.

Follow this link to download the managing business transformation conference programme.

Issues such as low business transformation activity in the private sector; low consulting rates paid by the public sector; BEE transformation labeled as business transformation; difficulties with achieving effective business transformation in the public sector; corporate governance, are to be confronted at Managing Business Transformation conference.

This two-day conference (17-18 May 2006, Balalaika Protea Hotel, Sandton) is designed to address a variety of current topics and encourage direct interaction and case studies from organisations that have gone through transformation and those going through the process. This intensive conference will provide highly practical and relevant information on the latest developments in Business Transformation from practitioners, government, trade unions and consultants.

"Business Transformation focuses the attention on an integrated company-wide roadmap for an improved future. In doing so, it ensures alignment and internal consistency by reshaping the strategy, organisation and operations of businesses as a whole," noted Jan van der Walt, Corporate Renewal Solutions CEO.

But Business Transformation does not only provide the answers to what to change in response to market-place events. More importantly, it also provides the answers on how to manage such change through its focus on transformational change management to align and commit leadership, to involve and mobilise employees, and to obtain stakeholder support.

Business Transformation should be both an essential and a continuous management competency of any enterprise. It is about implementing the enterprise's business strategy and moving closer to its vision.

Change Agents are responsible for a variety of strategic and transformation duties necessary to run an organization efficiently.  They serve as information and communication managers for an organisation; gather competition intelligence and respond to environmental changes.

"A comprehensive change management programme is required so that employees (including all levels of management) can understand the business case for the transformation and can therefore buy-in into it," responds Nomzamo Ntuli, Rand Water's Corporate Planner.

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