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Monday, March 20, 2006

Introducing Turnaround industry in South Africa

The turnaround industry in South Africa is a professional community of turnaround and corporate renewal professionals who share a common interest in strengthening the economy through the restoration of corporate value.

Turnaround industry in South Africa is hosted on the web site of Turnaround Solutions, a distressed and underperforming company turnaround management firm in South Africa.

As indicated by its name, it deals with the turnaround and business rescue industries in South Africa. 

It covers turnaround-related news, events, opinions, links, publications and associations. 

The section on turnaround industry structure provides information about the firms and professionals participating in the turnaround industry, as well as turnaround industry driving forces and constraints.

For the more technically minded, there is a section on the timeline of financial distress, which explains how turnaround takes place under conditions of shareholder-led correction, informal creditor workout, and insolvency.

With South Africa getting new business rescue legislation as part of the new companies act, there is a section on business rescue itself, as well as aspects of the new legislation.

This blog extracts items from the web site.  The opinions expressed here and on the web site are those of Turnaround Solutions.